City Weather Scraper in PHP

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Objective: Do a version of the “Build 14 Websites…” weather scraper challenge with the following improvements:

Scraper PHP:
– Add error detection and reporting
– Return city code
– Improve robustness of 1-3 day weather scrape (not dependent on exact sequence of <span>s).
– Support converting forecast from metric degrees C and mm to degrees F and inches.

Bootstrap Weather page:
– Add test cases to exercise error reporting (see city names Test0 through Test4).
– Update city with city code from scraper if available

Source Code:

City Weather Demonstration Web page:

The intention of this example is to show anticipation of potential problems in data processing and and the code required to report or resolve those problems.  It also adds a few small  features for completeness such test cases and a check box to convert Centigrade to Fahrenheit.