The Hidden Promise of Bots – Accessibility

Though the name Bots may seem faddish, the way users interact with them is a leap forward in both convenience and accessibility.

These are computer programs that one can communicate with via short text messages. They may access a single company’s data or draw from multiple organizations’ computer systems.

An example is the chamber of commerce at a resort town wants to make it very convenient for guests to find food, lodging and attractions.

They might plan that version 1 of such a Bot would be available 24/7 by text message and would help users find food and lodging and learn which lift lines are running.

Version 2 of such a Bot might be made available both by text message and on the town’s social media web page. It also might enable the users to reserve tables and rooms and check the current wait time on lift lines.

Clearly Bots have the promise of being extremely convenient. The fact that short text messages to a single number can be used to do a variety of business makes them dramatically more accessible than requiring users to navigate multiple web sites and customer service phone lines.